4-1 Homeroom


Class 4th

Miss Swain's Reading Superheroes!!

Welcome to the fourth grade. We have a wonderful class of twenty creative students.  I am so excited to read and write many interesting stories with my students. 

Special Schedule:      

      Monday:  Music 1:28-2:08
 Tuesday:   Library 2:11-2:51
Wednesday: PE 10:36-11:16, Art 1:28-2:08
Thursday: Computer 1:28-2:08
Friday:  Computer 10:36-11:16, French 1:28-2:08

Lunch/Recess: 12:45-1:25
Homeroom: M-F  (snack)

*Snack is a healthy one ONLY!! You may have fruit, yogurt, crackers, pretzels.  You may also want  bring a water bottle to drink during the day to stay hydrated.

Table of the Month: Nevaeh, Kyhara, Herbie

Student of the month: Kyhara